Driving social impact by using technology for good



Rooting Hope Tech4Good equips Do-Good initiatives with technology solutions and skills that can use to transform the way they do things, improve the lives of the people they serve and to drive positive impact within their communities.​

What we are set out to achieve

The focus is on applying technologies explicitly for the greater good. "Tech4Good approaches technology and its use within a greater ecosystem perspective — how will it be used, by whom, how will it be sustained, what is being changed explicitly, what are potential second and third order effects of such an intervention — these are the critical questions." - open tech4good.

For us, we want to:
- Bridge the digital divide
- Provide impact-driving technology to other Non Profit organisations
- Offer technology owners a mutually beneficial CSI programme
- Promote locally development solutions & services
- Support Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.


Sponsors / Partners

How you can get involved

One of the main things the Tech4Good project needs is OEM/OSM sponsors. We are looking to you to sponsor your technology for the Do-Good beneficiaries we have on our database. But there are multiple ways you can get involved:

Contact us to collaborate

Because we want to succeed in our community and expand to the entire country, and eventually the world, we’d like you to contact our team to see if and/or how we can work together.

Make a financial donation

We need more funds and resources to achieve our 2021 goals. Visit the website, click the "Donate" button to support us or contact us regarding donations via donations@rooting.co.za

Help us to spread the word

Sometimes the best way to show love for us is to simply Like, Comment, Tag, Follow and Share. You can find us on social media platforms. Help us spread the word!

Contact us

If you'd like to speak to someone...

Get in touch with Tsholo by dropping an email with details of your enquiry and contact information here:


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