How donations help.

Where does your money go?

When you give to Rooting Hope, your donated funds are used to run the year-round programs that support our mission of providing platforms, events and programmes to help young people in African communities. The bulk of the money we receive goes directly to these initiatives. A portion is also used to serve day-to-day needs, such as specific keeping this website running and to fill resource gaps.

Benefits to donors may include/cover:

As a Public Benefit Organisation, all bona fide donations including CSI contributions are eligible for tax benefits.
Skills Development (SD) and Socio-Economic Development (SED)
Your employees can fund projects through payroll giving: a tax efficient method of structuring donations.
Donors can use the Rooting Hope database to find students they would like to mentor.
If you are running a campaign / project in your community, you can reach out to us to collaborate on an existing one or create a campaign and rally your friends, family and personal networks behind them to impact communities positively.