Dear Friend.
We proudly present our 1st “Inose Ka Nkgo” event for the year 2020, planned to be held on the 18th December 2020.

We want to connect our community and in so doing, create a support structure that our kids can rely on to help them navigate life and become successful to also prepare them for “Life after Matric and The realities of success and failure.

The initiative “Inose Ka Nkgo” is spearheaded by Refiloe Seboko who is being supported by the eduCRE8 team and our NPO, Rooting Hope. This is a self-funded initiative and it is something we believe in and hope that learners can benefit from.

With that being said, I see you playing a role in raising this dream.

We’d really be honored if you came and spoke to our kids on any of the topics below:

  • What do I do if I fail or pass matric
  • Surviving as a young adult in a new world
  • Tools & tips to navigate successfully through life
  • The importance of communication & managing finances
  • Building a support structure for prosperity
  • Careers & opportunities
  • Mental, spiritual and physical health and wellbeing

Refiloe Seboko
Event Pioneer

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