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About Rooting Hope

Rooting Hope is changing the way South African townships access localized, personalized, relevant and empowering educational content. We raise funds through donations, sponsorship & events to invest in projects and ideas aimed at providing equal opportunity platforms to access basic Information and Communication (ICT) education and services for communities in underprivileged and previously disadvantaged townships.

We exist to serve a public benefit purpose, and will not act competitively or seek exclusivity, to the detriment of other organizations involved with similar work. When opportunities arise, will act collaboratively and co-operate with similar entities – including, where appropriate, other NPOs, welfare agencies, individuals and relevant bodies in the public and private sectors. Our overriding concern is to advance the interests of the intended beneficiaries, and of society as a whole.

Rooting Hope’s core competency is understanding the complex ecosystem of public benefit services and technology solutions that can be enabled by technology solutions, and delivering turnkey social entrepreneurship business models to provide value to communities, government, businesses, and other organised sectors of society, primarily by helping these organisations better understand how their collaborated efforts can serve the nation, and ultimately the continent of Africa through mobility.

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VOLUNTEER: Your support helps deliver the knowledge, resources and tools needed to create a better South Africa.

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